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Impacting the world........
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Early Rise Service  8:00 am
Fellowship BreakFast    9:00 am
Sunday School                             10:00 am
Morning Worship                         11:30 am

Noon Day Prayer          12:00 pm

Prayer Meeting        7:30pm
Bible Studay            8:00pm
(For all Ages)

Noon Day Prayer  12:00-1:00pm

Friday Night
Evening Worship     8:00pm

     Church Office Number 843 399 8232          Church Email Address          True Way Holiness Church Of Jesus Christ
Daily Scripture
"And I say also unto you, That you are Peter and upon this rock I will build My Church; and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it"
KJV: Matt. 16:18


One of God’s highest priorities is preserving family relationships. God designed marriage (Genesis 2:18, 24) and the family to accomplish His purpose and to enrich our lives (Psalm 127:3). While technology has enhanced the quality of our businesses and allowed families to stay electronically accessible, it has also curtailed communication. With greater regularity, parents and their children distance themselves from one another emotionally and spiritually.

Spreading the gospel around the world, the youth of True Way are stretching out with their gifts. In the world today, millions of youth are becoming smarter & weaker, which the bible speaks of. But by spreading the gospel to lost youth in the world, the next generation of youth can uphold the standards of holiness. We all must take a part in expiring lost souls to come to Christ.  They spread the gospel through singing, worship, praises, & soul to encourage youth everywhere that there is a God.


Vision Statement

To incorporate creative ministry providing every opportunity possible for everyone to encounter and experience the joy of the lord through worship, bible class, outreach ministry and prayer.

Mission Statement

To introduce people of all walks of life to Jesus Christ: to help them mature spiritually, build a kingdom mindset and to generate the process in others.

Minstry Motto:

"Lord, help me, to let You have Your way in me!"
~Bishop T. Woodard